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Inside The Lab That's Producing The First AI-Generated Pop Album

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Inside The Lab That's Producing The First AI-Generated Pop Album

Postby sunnyd » Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:20 pm

Story :

Some 70 years ago, computer scientist Alan Turing famously set the bar for artificial intelligence: a computer that could convince a human conversation partner that it was a person.
On a recent spring afternoon in the Flow Machines laboratory, located on a quiet street in the Fifth Arrondissement of Paris, senior researcher Pierre Roy was more concerned with his music-making AI software’s ability to create a convincingly catchy song.
“So far, from the technical standpoint, no one knows how to do a proper song, to tell a story,” he said. “It’s a hot topic in AI.”
Flow Machines, a project of Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Paris that receives funding from the European Research Council, is developing an AI program that can compose compelling, professional-quality music - an aim shared by similar ventures such as Jukedeck in the UK and Google’s Magenta project.

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