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What Netflix's Membership In The MPAA Means

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What Netflix's Membership In The MPAA Means

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:09 pm

Story :

Netflix’s fifteen Academy Award nominations this year will be looked at as a major turning point in the company’s history, but it’s the recent announcement of Netflix joining the MPAA that is also worth a closer look.

The MPAA is the trade group that issues content ratings for feature films and represents Hollywood in Washington DC. Its membership is comprised of all the major studios and now Netflix has a seat at the table and begins to earn the respect of its movie peers that for years it wasn’t courting.

And both parties will get something out of the new deal and it’s not that the former red envelope delivery service will get ratings slapped on their feature films. For starters, the MPAA will not have to figure out how to make up membership dues when the two slots occupied by Disney and 20th Century Fox becomes one post-merger. But Netflix receives two immediate benefits as well.

Remember when that entire season of Orange Is The New Black leaked before its intended premiere? Over the years Netflix has had several data breaches and the victim of content piracy on more than one expensive occasion. One of the main initiatives of the policy arm of the MPAA is to combat piracy around the world, so being able to bend the ear of gatekeepers and lawmakers to help keep their content secure is a relationship worth cementing.

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