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David Attenborough Heads To Netflix To Narrate Eight-Part Wildlife Doc Series ‘Our Planet’

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David Attenborough Heads To Netflix To Narrate Eight-Part Wildlife Doc Series ‘Our Planet’

Postby bmh67wa » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:56 pm

Story :

Sir David Attenborough is heading to Netflix to narrate original wildlife documentary series Our Planet.

The British naturalist will serve as the voice of the eight-part series, which is produced by Silverback Films, the company run by Blue Planet and Planet Earth creator Alastair Fothergill.

The series, which is produced in collaboration with conservation group WWF, will showcase the planet’s most precious species and fragile habitats, revealing amazing sights on Earth in ways they’ve never been seen using 4k cameras. It will launch on Netflix on April 5 2019. It comes as Attenborough’s latest BBC wildlife series Dynasties is set to launch. While he has made shows for other networks, including Discovery-backed UKTV, it is his first time working for the SVOD service

The show took four years to make and was filmed in 50 countries across the world with over 600 crew members. It will explore the the remote Arctic wilderness and mysterious deep oceans to the vast landscapes of Africa and diverse jungles of South America.

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