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Postby SharedHolder » Sun Jun 27, 2004 12:22 pm

* Fixed transfer view crash (thanks garg)
* Removed default sort in search frame
* Window sizes / positions of favorite hubs saved (thanks trem)
* Begun work on the ADC protocol (major change)
* Fixed issue with the exceptioninfo growing indefinately (recursive behaviour)
* Readded missing TTHSearch to hub $Supports
* Fixed unnecessary $MyINFO being sent out
* Removed time left and speed from waiting transfers (thanks garg)
* Documented %[line:reason]
* Fixed a bug with hanging queue display
* When searching by hash, size mode set to normal (don't care)
* Hash speed tweaks, check if it's any better.
* Fixed a crash when moving files
* Fixed directory sorting in directory listings
* Fixed an unnecessary disconnect on file not available
* Fixed missing write buffering
* Added drag-drop of directories onto the shared dirs view (thanks trem)
* Added option for specifying max hashing speed
* Updated installer to optionally create a backup of the settings when upgrading
* Changed to a more convenient observer implementation (no, not a functor (or something more fancy) based one)
* Fixed an invalid XML file list crash
* Copy address to clipboard from public hub list (thanks joakim tosteberg)
* Changed to IEC binary multiple units (MiB, KiB etc)
* GETSETREF templetized (thanks farcry)
* Small files size increased to 64KiB
* Op's that use a client that supports minislots always get a minislot (for small files / xml file lists),
regardless of how many minislots are already taken.
* Matching by name removed for queue items with a TTH root (for autosearches)
* Autosearch is done by TTH for queue items that have a root
* Removed GetTestZBlock (no more safe/compressed transfers from old clients)
* Added support for automatic user command clearing (code 255) (thanks sedulus)
* User country shown in ip field (thanks pofis)
* Automatic search matching is now done exclusively by tth for those items that have a TTH root and
by exact filename for those that don't.
* Dropped support for bzip2 file lists
* Show joins parts for fav users only option added (thanks psf8500)
* Added possibility to log hub status messages (thanks torgny nyblom)
* Removed full-row-select option (blame garg)
* Added possibility to drag-drop tabs (thanks trem)
* Added toggles for transferview showing (thanks trem)
* HTTPS added as chat click link (thanks torgny)
* Autoconnect postponed if no nick has been set (thanks sed)
* Various unix compile fixes (thanks christer palm)
* Fixes for IEC in settings pages (thanks slowmo)
* Remove multiple directories from share (thanks slowmo)
* Added executable TTH to about box (for reporting bugs)
* Changed exceptioninfo.txt format to prepare for automatic crash logging
* Added download by TTH root instead of share path. This feature enables
the downloading client to find the file even if the uploader has reorganized
its share.
* Fixed number formatting in search and queue frames (thanks slowmo)
* Workaround for WTL75 bug with menus (thanks garg)
* .mkv and .flac added as file formats (thanks garg)
* Added warning about non-shared files with $ in them (thanks garg)
* Fixed a rare deadlock when autosearching
* Search by TTH greyed out for items that don't have a TTH root (thanks slowmo)
* Added default menu items to finished frames (thanks slowmo)

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