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Hoping for insight on connectivity issues

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Hoping for insight on connectivity issues

Postby 95 » Mon Jul 02, 2007 10:29 am

So..up until I installed TinyXP Rev06 I've never had a problem with Direct Connect..not that its the Rev 06 but I've never used TinyXP before but anyway.. I've always been in active..always had ports forwarded on my D-Link DI624..& its always been groovy.

But now..the only way I can get it to work is passive..& since some hubs only allow active users to search..anyone have any ideas on what I could do?

TinyXP gives you the option to do away with Windoze Firewall altogether..which I did..I have no software firewalls..& my D-Link has been forwarded for DC as always.

Oh & I neglected to mention another potentially important I tried setting up Apexdc..Strongdc..& fuldc & I believe it was Apex that allowed me to "test" the ability to receive incoming connections..& TCP failed..but UDP was working I switched porta around a few times on the TCP..& even tried setting the TCP to the port UDP was working successfully on..all to no avail.
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