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zK++ 0.666 (OP Client)

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zK++ 0.666 (OP Client)

Postby LordSabbath » Sun Dec 03, 2006 4:51 pm

zK++ 0.666 Evolution 117
Public Release: December 3, 2006
Developer: Lord.Sabbath





DCDM++ svn + DCDM++ Special (update 2) = zK++ 0.666.
This new version is a fusion of these 2 great OP clients and some codes from other OP clients too.
This is the last version totally based on DCDM's source and without segmented downloading.


———————[ NEW ]—————————————————————————————————

• 'Ultra Support' page (in Settings / Evil Destroyer / Checking);
• Chill Game Server;
• Custom hub Tag for each favorite hub;
• Hublist Checker (Tools menu);
• ASCII Text Creator 1.0;
• Media Player Classic 6.4.9;
• Search Host / IP II (Search menu);
• Slow (Filelist) Download Speed (with RAW options);
• Autosearch files every X minutes;
• Kick max number of users on one search;
• Shorter forms of /commands (/ref for /refresh, etc. Type /help to see them all);
• /discogs <search string> also /dis <search string> for a shorter command;
• Kick proxy connections in 'Favorite Hubs' page;
• 'Autokick forbidden files when searching';
• Search frame status bar reports number of files not shown in results;
• Option to add files to 'ADL Search' from search window (& kick);
• 'Log autosearch kick info' (in new 'Ultra Support' page);
• 'Log IP on PM received' ('Ultra Support' page);
• 'Log advanced filelist transfers ('Ultra Support' page);
• Nick Spoofing Protection;
• Use Clean on Clear button click in hub frame;
• Tag states detection in 'Raw Coomands Action';
• External IP detection;
• Update IP on start-up;
• Update IP every X minutes (minimum = 10);
• 'Win32.Tibick.B' virus detection;
• Editable connection string ('Ultra Support' page);
• Editable clean message;
• Away message tag;
• Media Player Classic Multiline Spam;
• 'Filter kick and debug messages' (it is back for now) ;
• Autosearch function in 'Search Engine' Menu / Fav. Hubs;
• Automatic 'Away Mode ON/OFF' in 'Control Panel' Menu;
• Plugin Smallbar (small toolbar before menu items);
• 'Fast Downloading Tips' button ('Full Help' menu);
• 'Request a Feature' button ('Full Help' menu);
• 'Tools' folder;
• 'Websites' folder with 3 files-links;
• Keywords pre-configured ('Colors and Images' page);
• Tab Colors ('Ultra Support' page).

———————[ IMPROVED ]—————————————————————————————–

• Winamp multiline spam;
• Players and Sounds' page;
• Clone Message Report;
• Search page columns;
• ADL Search page columns;
• Extra files folder location;
• Thanks' section in 'About' page;
• Some string definitions (whole Settings page);
• 'Essential Features' file (in 'Full Help' menu);
• 'Dictionary' file (in 'Full Help' menu);
• 'Public Hublists' file (in 'Full Help' menu);
• 'Hublist Server Registrations' file (in 'Full Help' menu);
• Changelog.

———————[ UPDATED ]—————————————————————————————–––

• Menu;
• Main Toolbar;
• Toolbar II;
• ADL Search pre-configuration (very very strong list!);
• MyinfoProfiles and Profiles 2.3 (ACP List);
• 'zK++ Features & Stuffs' text file;
• 'Multilingual Translator' from version 1.2 to 1.4;
• Source Code cleanup.

———————[ CHANGED ]—————————————————————————————––

• Toolbar and Toolbar II default buttons;
• Advanced and Acessory Options ('zK++' page);
• 'Default' and 'Standard' userlist icons;
• 'User Profile' Page Appearance;
• Search Results;
• Search Engine menu renamed to Search;
• Default Public Hubs List URL ('Downloads' page);
• Autosearch for alternative download locations related things;
• Import Queue button is called now 'Import Queue From NMDC';
• 'Script Editor' moved to 'Control Panel' menu;
• 'Official Hub' link ('Full Help' Menu);
• New 'Changelog' starts with program instead 'zK++ Features & Stuffs';
• Client advertising information is displayed with /spam;
• 'Filelist and client checked' default color;
• Menu (some changes in names, positions and sizes).

———————[ FIXED ]—————————————————————————————––––––

• Default pre-configuration of RAW commands;

———————[ REMOVED ]—————————————————————————————––

• Operational System info from Topic Bar;
• 'Build' menu;
• NickName Creator RC 4;
• Autostart Program Viewer;
• ASCII Pic Creator 2.0;
• ASCII Pic 2.0;
• ASCII Generator;
• Irfan View 2.92;
• Stream Size Calculator;
• Convert Calculator 4.10;
• YnHub UserCommand Creator 2.2;
• Tips, FAQs & Tutorial.txt;
• Full zK++ (client) commands from Notepad (type /help instead);
• 'scripts' folder from source code.
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Postby Jitway » Tue Dec 05, 2006 6:12 pm

Looks really nice. Thanks!
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Postby bullet » Tue Dec 12, 2006 5:57 am

HELP .............. what a great client :wink: but im a little stuck i cant see any welcome messages EXAMPLE........MOTD also my pms come to mainchat ???

EDIT: i also get this message in the bottom left corner ...........

LUA Error/formatting.lua:416:malformed pattern (missing' ]')
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