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Controversial Wikipedia Edits Wipe Out Denuvo Crack History

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Controversial Wikipedia Edits Wipe Out Denuvo Crack History

Postby MrFredPFL » Thu May 02, 2019 10:04 am

Story :

There can be little doubt that Wikipedia is one of the greatest resources of information available online today.

The platform has plenty of critics but generally there’s a credible effort to ensure that the data presented to readers is properly researched and sourced. That’s also true for the Wikipedia page dedicated to the anti-piracy technology known as Denuvo.

The anti-tamper system is the most well-known product of its type and is regularly deployed on various gaming titles, much to the disappointment of many legitimate purchasers and the vast majority of pirates. As a result, Denuvo has become a target for cracking groups, who aim to defeat the technology in the quickest possible time.

Up until recently, people wanting to see a convenient list of Denuvo titles and their ‘cracked or not’ status had two obvious choices. They could visit Reddit’s appropriately-named /r/crackwatch subreddit or head over to Denuvo’s Wikipedia page, where an entire column was dedicated to the news.

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