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Tickets, please: stolen Metro Exodus Steam keys cancelled

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Tickets, please: stolen Metro Exodus Steam keys cancelled

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:54 pm

Story :

Deep Silver have cancelled a load of Metro Exodus Steam keys sold through key resellers after discovering, they say, the keys had been stolen from the factory making boxed copies. Metro Exodus switched to Epic Games Store exclusivity late enough in development that they produced physical PC copies set up for Steam, then swapped out the Steam keys for Epic keys and stuck Epic stickers over the Steam logo. Apparently some scoundrel scooped those abandoned Steam keys to sell on, Deep Silver found out, and they’ve now cancelled those keys, removing the game from the Steam libraries of players who bought them.

While Metro Exodus is not currently sold on Steam, the game is still on Steam because Deep Silver had sold pre-orders for a Steam release. You can’t buy it directly anymore but if you get a Steam key elsewhere, you can activate that on Steam and still receive updates and DLC. For people who’d rather use Steam than Epic’s client, or just like rarities, apparently that’s worth chancing the grey market.

While there are legit Metro Exodus Steam keys still floating around, bought from authorised resellers, Deep Silver say the lot they cancelled are “illegal stolen keys.” They don’t say whether the keys were physical printed items taken from the boxes or swiped from a list intended for the printers, but I suppose that distinction’s a matter for the authorities. Deep Silver explained on Thursday:

“These keys have been obtained illegally from the factory where physical key printing had taken place prior to the announcement of exclusivity with Epic Games, due to the criminal nature of these keys, all unlicensed keys have been deactivated and activation / download of Metro Exodus without the executable file is no longer possible. In addition, the software will be removed from the Steam library of any players using an unauthorised code. The keys being sold on this platform are stolen goods, and are therefore illegal.”

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