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Professional 'Counter-Strike' Player Caught Cheating in Tournament

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Professional 'Counter-Strike' Player Caught Cheating in Tournament

Postby bmh67wa » Sat Oct 20, 2018 4:45 pm

Story :

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, OpTic India, was disqualified from a tournament and disbanded entirely today after one of the players was caught cheating with an auto-aim program. Something about the way Nikhil "forsaken" Kumawat was playing caught the attention of tournament administrators, and the Shanghai, China-based event came to a standstill while they sorted things out.

The uncomfortable moment came during OpTic India's second match of the tournament. An administrator paused the action and came over to check out Kumawat's computer. According to video from the stream, the administrator was reaching over Kumawat's shoulder and using the mouse. Kumawat tried to bat the administrator's hands away while his teammates watch.

Pictures from the event show parts of what happened next: Kumawat packing a backpack and leaving, the rest of the team looking grim around his computer alongside tournament officials, and a file explorer window showing a suspicious-looking program innocently named "word.exe."

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