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Team Xecutor ‘Piracy’ Code Has DRM, Can Brick Your Nintendo Switch

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Team Xecutor ‘Piracy’ Code Has DRM, Can Brick Your Nintendo Switch

Postby MrFredPFL » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:42 am

Story :

Hacking group Team Xecuter released a jail-breaking solution for Nintendo Switch earlier this month, opening the door to homebrew and piracy alike. However, according to a UK-based security researcher, the code contains DRM which can lock your Switch with a random password if there's an attempt to crack it for unauthorized distribution.

Late last year, hacking veterans Team Xecutor (TX) revealed that they’d developed an exciting kernel hack for the Nintendo Switch.

In January, the group announced an unstoppable solution, one that exploits a fundamental flaw in the Switch system.

Unlike the pirated games the system is able to run, TX solutions cost money. On Max-Console, SX Pro is listed at £42.40 and SX OS at £18.80. However, it appears that TX has already considered that some pirates might try to…gasp….crack its software.

oh, the irony. hackers intentionally bricking consoles they jailbroke to begin with.

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