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Usenet is Dead - Really?

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Re: Usenet is Dead - Really?

Postby meesterjojo » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:16 pm

Yes, usenet is dead. Now move along, nothing to see here.


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Re: Usenet is Dead - Really?

Postby zbeast » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:25 am

Well back in the day usenet was for the most part was a giant bulletin board system.
You could go to a given news group and discuss what ever the topic of that news group was.

I use to love the old story alt's.. Then came the spammers. megs and megs of spam messages.
for the most part those could be blocked by sophisticated readers.

But the web came along and changed everything. No longer did you need usenet which was hard to get
unless you were at a university or could afford the very high prices for a uucp feed.

As storage grew as well as bandwidth, the chat groups fell quite and the binary groups flourished.
you no longer has to wait a week or a month for a 800meg downloads.
As more and more people are able to access what use to be in effect private chat boards
the intelligence level dropped as the general public access grew.

That old usenet is dead. but it's usefulness has not.
These days I visit websites for my storys.

But usenet now rocks for files and well worth the cost if you want it for that.
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Re: Usenet is Dead - Really?

Postby xbobdolex » Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:11 am

Most text newsgroups are dead, which was one of the BS reasons my then ISP in fall of 2008 emailed me at my isp email address that they would take down their usenet server "since social media and forums have displaced a great but now obsolete tool for internet social interaction". Which was more, if you can read between the lines, YOU BASTARDS UPLOADING AND DOWNLOADING TO USENET CONSTANTLY ON THAT NTTP PROTOCOL OUR ENGINEERS HAVEN'T TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT WHEN MAKING OUR TRAFFIC SHAPING AND THROTTLING SOFTWARE. Of course not enough people actually called them not to do it, for an ISP usenet server, they were great and had binaries.

I miss discussion on newsgroups though, there wasn't forum Gods and such kind of circle-jerking. But god, the fact there could be threads within threads, the flame wars. At least Google thought it was history worth keeping with their buying of dejanews.

Usenet ain't dead, often when I can't find something on the private torrent trackers i'm a member of (not that many, one dropped me for inactivity for 2 months even if I had a ratio of over 4.5, anyway), sometimes usenet saved my ass. But if we're thinking of programs/warez on usenet, 99% chances its a virus. Unless you use Mimo and your head (size of file should help even if no nzb file). A paid for Newsbin also finds stuff Mimo doesn't, and there are still indexes, although more and more they are in foreign languages...not complaining, english is my second language, so finding stuff translated in Canada for Canadian French, which is preferable most of the time, the artist unions split the dubbing 50-50% in Canada, so we end up with some stuff translated in France but international enough we get everything.

Also, usenet is my infinite space and time file locker. Only one thing I wish I was able to do which all guides seem to overlook. But I'm making my own thread about this small issue.
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Re: Usenet is Dead - Really?

Postby theteam2015 » Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:10 am

thank for this .
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Re: Usenet is Dead - Really?

Postby Pento » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:23 am

Usenet now in new series for 2019 rocks for files and goes well worth the cost if you want it for that.
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