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Retired Police Officer Wins $47,777 Judgment Against Copyright Troll

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Retired Police Officer Wins $47,777 Judgment Against Copyright Troll

Postby MrFredPFL » Wed Feb 05, 2020 11:15 pm

Story :

Lawsuits accusing people of downloading pirated videos through BitTorrent are a common sight in US courts. The phenomenon often dubbed as ‘copyright trolling’ started roughly a decade ago and remains ongoing.

The scheme can be both simple and lucrative. Rightsholders file complaints against “John Does” who are initially only known by an IP-address. They then request a subpoena to obtain the subscriber details and demand a settlement from the account holder.

Strike 3 is one of the most active copyright litigants in the US and has managed to obtain settlements against many accused pirates. However, this case was different. Instead of settling the case the accused account holder, a retired police officer in his 70s, chose to fight back.

The John Doe submitted a counterclaim accusing Strike 3 of abuse of process and “extortion through sham litigation.” The man accused the rightsholder of going on a “fishing expedition,” while knowing that it couldn’t link the subscriber of the IP-address to any specific infringement.

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