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BitTorrent Launches uTorrent Web’s First Full Release

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BitTorrent Launches uTorrent Web’s First Full Release

Postby MrFredPFL » Wed Sep 05, 2018 1:29 pm

Story :

While the desktop client of uTorrent hasn’t been updated much in recent years, there is a new uTorrent product that brings plenty of change.

Earlier this year BitTorrent Inc. quietly released uTorrent web, a piece of software that allows users to download and stream torrents directly in their default web browser.

The project was first teased by BitTorrent inventor Bran Cohen, who said that browser-based torrenting is “just a nicer experience.”

The leap to the browser is a large one for die-hard torrenters who’ve been using desktop applications for well over a decade. However, with browser-based streaming being so familiar now, it will likely feel more intuitive to newcomers.

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