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Fox Rothschild and the ‘Dark Art of Copyright Trolling’

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Fox Rothschild and the ‘Dark Art of Copyright Trolling’

Postby MrFredPFL » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:51 pm

Story :

Through the first six months of this year, 2,864 copyright infringement suits were filed in U.S. district courts, giving 2018 a good chance at being the most copyright-litigious year in recent memory. About twice the number of copyright suits have been filed at the midway point compared to last year, and the spike can be traced directly, more or less, to two pornography studios and one Am Law 100 firm: Fox Rothschild.

One of those studios, Malibu Media LLC, is an old pro in the mass copyright enforcement game, having filed nearly 7,000 suits in the past decade. The company’s suits were profiled in The New Yorker in 2014, but it has nevertheless ramped up its litigation machine this year following a dispute with its former law firm that led to a largely lost year in 2017. Through June, Malibu Media had filed on average more than three cases a day, according to data from legal analytics platform Lex Machina.

The relative newcomer to the scene is a litigant known as Strike 3 Holdings LLC. The company makes pornographic films under the brands “Vixen,” “Tushy” and “Blacked.” Its semi-Instagram-famous founder is a sturdy, bearded Frenchman named Greg Lansky who has won an industry award for director of the year three years in a row, partly thanks to a female empowerment message. “What you do is art,” he said to a cheering crowd the last time he received the award. Lansky was profiled earlier this year in a Rolling Stone story that said he was turning the porn industry into “high art,” mostly thanks to pricey photo shoots such as one where a bikini-clad model’s stilettoed feet dangle outside a helicopter over Los Angeles.

Neither Malibu Media nor Strike 3 are accused of anything like Prenda’s illegal behavior. But Bandlow’s team of Fox Rothschild lawyers have still been put in the uncomfortable position of defending their work from being associated with a group of lawyers facing prison sentences.

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