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BitTorrent Speaks: The Future Of Marketing and Monetizing Content Distribution

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BitTorrent Speaks: The Future Of Marketing and Monetizing Content Distribution

Postby sunnyd » Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:09 pm

Story :

In 2008, in his bestselling book The Pirate’s Dilemma, Matt Mason argued that the tech-savvy, remix mindset was (and eventually would) dominating popular culture. The people in these communities weren’t thieving pirates, he felt; they were digital entrepreneurs who would remake our media institutions in their image, and everything from sneakers to music would feel their impact.

With studies now showing the piracy not only doesn’t hurt box office or album sales but actually boosts them, and people like Sean Parker became billionaires, Mason’s prophecy has mostly come true. And fittingly, Mason himself now holds a position that couldn’t have existed too long ago. He’s the executive director of marketing for BitTorrent, a company that now has more than 160 million users and raised more than $40 million in funding. The BitTorrent protocol is used by companies as diverse as Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook.

The technology was once almost exclusively used by consumers to share copyrighted materials. But BitTorrent Inc. (the company that owns the protocol) never endorsed piracy and is now becoming the new best friend of the record labels, studios and game developers with its moves to put legitimate content in front of consumers and by adding ways to monetize that content. So I asked Matt about the monetizing content distribution and the future of peer-to-peer content. His answer is worth reposting in full, because it shows what he and other such advocates have always believed: file sharing was driven underground because of bad laws, poor understanding and greedy companies. Today, now that culture is catching up, the technology is being put to good use - just as the pirates had always advocated it could be. In his own words...

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Re: BitTorrent Speaks: The Future Of Marketing and Monetizin

Postby b2bcapricorn » Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:24 am

A very well-developed post on content marketing.
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