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BitTorrent Testing Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming

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BitTorrent Testing Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming

Postby sunnyd » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:53 pm

Story :

BitTorrent changed the way we shared information. Now they’re changing the way we stream information.

BitTorrent in association with Dean Guitars will be live streaming NAMM Jam this Friday night from 6:45 p.m. to midnight. The live stream will be using BitTorrent’s new protocol that allows the duties of sharing the stream data among all those watching, just like the traditional peer-to-peer file sharing the company is famous is spearheading.

For those unaware, the NAMM Jam is a metal band festival being held at The Grove of Anaheim. The event will feature “must-see” metal acts including Testament and Jackyl.

The event will be a testing ground for BitTorrent’s new live peer-to-peer streaming protocol invented by Bram Cohen, BitTorrent’s founder and chief scientist. The protocol promises to solve the fundamental challenges of live streaming media over the Internet by eliminating the need for expensive server infrastructure and dramatically reducing latency.

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