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Australian BitTorrent users are being watched

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Australian BitTorrent users are being watched

Postby piXelatedEmpire » Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:21 am

Story :,bittorrent-users-are-being-watche

There's no question that breaching copyright through file-sharing is illegal. Copyright holders in the US have dragged plenty of people through the courts, but several cases have backfired on them spectacularly and the negative publicity would seem to do more damage than the original copyright infringement.

For years Australia's copyright enforcers have privately admitted they have no intention of dragging local file-sharers through the courts US-style. The Australian arm of the copyright police - Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft - now publicly admits it has no interest in prosecuting file-sharers.

Ross Wheeler, CEO of, referring to the Australian Governments internet filtering plan wrote:"It's the most ill-conceived pile of stupidity by the biggest bunch of cretins that I've ever seen in my life"
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Re: Australian BitTorrent users are being watched

Postby Downloader » Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:15 am

Awesome! :twisted:

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SwordOfZork wrote:Just because you CAN sue someone, doesn't mean you're not a total douche for doing so.
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Re: Australian BitTorrent users are being watched

Postby georgegad » Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:23 am

There's no question that breaching copyright through file-sharing is illegal, in the US.

There appeared to be a typo in the article so i corrected it.

Downloading has of course never been illegal here in Australia. And i dont mean "not enforced" as most people seem to believe, it really isnt against law to download.

It is however illegal to upload original content that is not your own, and it is also illegal to sell copied Dvds at markets etc. The law here is VERY strict on that and it is possible you might see prison time for profesional level fraud.

Of course the famous guy in the media who uploaded simpsons was never going to be imprisoned, his offence was non-professional. ie. he made no profit from uploading to bittorent. He was forced to pay a small fine for being the original uploader of material that was not his to share.

Im not as certain, but i dont even think the people who bought the suit against him would have gotten the money, it may just go to the court. Probably a big part of why noone gets sued here, you can have the offender punished but you dont make a profit from the lawsuit.
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