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Hey - Where Did My Topic Go?

For discussion of the threatened legal action surrounding the alleged filesharing of pornography, computer games and music. (Golden Eye Int LTD / GEIL / MIRCOM / TCYK)
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Welcome to this forum, should you have received a letter do not panic, read the threads and make a (hopefully more informed) decision on how you want to proceed.

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Hey - Where Did My Topic Go?

Postby SlyckTom » Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:00 pm

Hi everyone!

You might be wondering, "Hey Slyck, where's my 1337 games list or my uber Bare Denial letter?!!!!!11111"

Relax! We didn't delete your posts! They're still safe and sound here on


We need to do serious housekeeping. I think this forum needs to stay on topic and on focus. With the slurry of new topics, it became a jumbled mess - yet we believe in free speech and think the conversation must go on.

"Ok, that's great, but hey Slyck, where are my posts?111"

Like we said, they're safe and sound - but we moved them to the Lounge. We've also locked this local UK lawsuit forum to prevent new Topics from being created, but of course the Official ACS:LAW/Davenport-Lyons lawsuit letter discussion thread is still open for business as usual and was not touched. Enjoy, and we appreciate your understanding with this!
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