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Lmewire 5 so what with all the spyware.

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2009 1:00 am
by zbeast
A friend of mine who is going to be traveling the world this summer all expensive paid.
care of the US government. He wanted me to set him up a p2p system that he could take with him.

I did him good. two solid state drives.. wifi,GB-ethernet wifi hacking tools, network intrusion tools.
sniffers, image viewers and my collection of the best p2p software that I thought he should have.

One of the p2p applications I installed was the latest version of limewire. Limewire 5.

well long story short, I had to test all of the apps installed, including limewire.
One of the things that I noticed was. that 75% of the time. When I clicked on something that I thought was a music track.
it was some type of virus or spyware.
This is when I was searching for anything. when you have "All" set.
type in the name of a popular band the first 10 file results at the top were always some type of malware dropper.
If you didn't know what you were doing you could download and run this program without even knowing it.
looking that the shown file ext's is no help. even files labeled as mp3's. Where spyware.

Even after running into this flaw I still did install limewire, as it is a very useful network for file access.

My question is anyone else notice this?

Re: Lmewire 5 so what with all the spyware.

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2009 1:08 am
by Paladwyn
I noticed this with limewire will the previous versions, you hafta filter out alot of crap.

Re: Lmewire 5 so what with all the spyware.

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2009 5:09 am
by Dazzle_2
The crap is obviously coming via our friends over at the media mafia, this is something they have undertaken before when they are desperate to show some sort of "win" in the never ending battle they fight with filesharers, atm the network I use is under constant ddos attack from media defender using a proxy front company and they are also flooding fake file results and trying to swamp the network with fake searches, we are holding our own against this tide but the mere fact this activity has increased since media defenders head honchos left perhaps suggests that those following in their footsteps are in possesion of the "toys" that where consigned to the dustbin for legal reasons.

Back in 2005 I saw this same orchestrated virus delivery trick in use and tracked it to a italian server, it seems dvd ripping programs where the key items on their list for attention then, today the media cartels are desperate and any dirty trick is being employed.

Re: Lmewire 5 so what with all the spyware.

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2009 9:07 am
by Skunky
I noticed this for many years allready, it seams to be mainly on the the Gnutella1 network.

You really have to be smart with the search field, leave something out the search and let the search result come up with that missing part. (like search for "kings" and let the search results come up with "of leon" that seems to work pretty good)

When i help frends/famely with this i always try to explain this, best way to show them, is type there full name they are always suprised files are found with there exact full name ;)