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FrostWire is out with multiple languages.

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FrostWire is out with multiple languages.

Postby gubatron » Mon Mar 12, 2007 11:59 am

This weekend released with translations for Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

They also fixed a few bugs with their Chat Community.
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Postby Arby » Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:06 am

Hello all. Perhaps someone can tell me whether Frostwire, Limewire's twin, has the capability of disabling browsing of one's files by others. I've gone through my settings enough times. If that ability is there, then I don't see it. I came across a reference to that deficiency by someone else, in another forum, and I was concerned.

I prefer Shareaza, which does allow the user to turn off that browsing feature, although I don't mind having an extra client on hand to tap the Gnutella network. I've turned to Limewire Pro 4.12.6 because the latest Shareaza seems buggy. This Shareaza can't handle hashing my files without constantly crashing. (In fact, I think I had the same problem with the version - possibly more than one - before this one.) Hopefully they will fix that. But it's seriously annoying.

I liked that I could keep Shareaza relatively hidden but still share. And I liked the security filters that you could easily attach to Shareaza. I wish Limewire had the same features. It does have the filter option for hosts, which I don't understand but which I'll experiment with - unless I abandon Limewire for something else. (Yes, I also download via bit torrent. But for audio, I'm mostly interested in single tracks and Shareaza-type programs are fine, by me, for that.)

But I just now read about Frostwire and it interests me. Does it address the security deficiencies of Limewire which I mentioned above?

Thanks in advance.
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