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Blind Date with Magibon

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Blind Date with Magibon

Postby 7low » Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:02 am

If you don't know who is Magibon you will soon figure out ;) If you were watching videos online you had to see Japanese chick that only steers into the camera :) yea that is Magibon : ) so check out this video some dude did :) and yea i watched this thing 5 times and I'm laughing every time even more :)
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Re: Blind Date with Magibon

Postby piglets222 » Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:09 pm

its 'stares' into the camera a 'steer' is either a cow or you 'steer' your car (sorry for the correction on that but it was way off)

and not always does she stare

sometimes she sings

its very creepy

this gave me a chuckle.... several posts on her vid clips and even her own page contridict if she is jap some say she doesnt speak jap very well and others say she does, some say she is caucasian who has got an anime eye surgery to look jap, others say she is half jap w/ anime eye surgery, her location says jap but she herself posted she is actually in the united states her page says she is 22 but if she is much over 12 i'd be surprised... her staring into the camera so earnestly creeped me out like she was trying to sell meh something >.< whatever it is, and considering thos types of industrys so foreign countrys have, I never went back to the page.... tis not worth the waste of time, instead i went and looked at some woman who said rainbows in sprinkler water are a government consperiacy (weeeeee someone was off their meds)

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