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DDR - Legend Road - 1 Arrow Short of Full Combo

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DDR - Legend Road - 1 Arrow Short of Full Combo

Postby IceCube » Fri Feb 16, 2007 10:58 pm


There's 3 reasons why Legend Road is extremely difficult. The first is the rule of courses. You get 4 "lives". If you miss one arrow or are way off on an arrow (AKA "good") you lose a life. If you complete a song, you gain one life ONLY if you lost one in the process somewhere along the line. The second reason is that these are the hardest levels in a commercial Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. The final reason is the sheer length, and all of these songs test, among other things, stamina. They are played consecutively in a row. Suffice to say, you'd be dead tired by the end of the experience if you complete the course in the first place.

Plus, this video shows the added difficulty that it's on the hardest setting as well. 'Scary', the player playing this video just about gets a complete combo - meaning he nearly got every single arrow nicely (the last song, I argue, is the hardest which is probably why he lost that arrow on that song) Either way you slice it, it's no easy task (though I'm sure you can find other completions on YouTube)

Also, he makes the other player look like a n00b (though I know the first song is NOT easy either) He probably looks great without 'Scary' playing against him.
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