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Slyck Video Lounge Rules

Postby SlyckRay » Wed Feb 14, 2007 2:36 pm

1. Only post cool videos here, any vids deemed not cool by our admins will immediately be removed.

2. Don't post a ton of vids just for the hell of it. The purpose of this forum is to share with other forum members a vid that you may have come across and thought was really cool. Remember all we want is quality, not quantity.

3. Don't be overly critical of vids that you don't like or that don't suit your taste. Everyone has different tastes and we expect a certain degree of tolerance here.

4. Videos may be posted throughout the forums. However, they must be on topic and relevant to the discussion in an obvious way.

5. No copyrighted videos please.

Videos from Youtube may be placed in your post using the following bbcode form:

Code: Select all


Thanx for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy this new feature of the Slyck forums.
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