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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 5:12 am
by WarezNewz
After 2 weeks of downtime, is now back online. Yes, is being sued by the MPAA, along with a number of other websites. now joins the family of and under new management. continues to run as before, and it's my pleasure to continue the community that have called this home.

For the lawsuit, it's still ongoing against the original site owner. For us, I would like to reiterate our policies from and We do not condone infringements against the wishes of its copyright owners. For example, refer to's copyright policy, and we work with copyright owners everyday in processing their takedown requests. If you are a copyright owner and sees copyright infringing links to your content, send an email to <copyright a-t>, with URLs to the pages where you found such links.

That said, this site continues to be the premier place for sharing ed2k links to files of any nature, and we encourage you to do so. Here's some new stuff you maybe interested in.

* #ed2k-it on, our new IRC channel! You need a chat client like mIRC of course, SSL enabled on port 7000. Come, chat and chill out.
* isoHunt Releases, which supports ed2k links as well as a number of other P2P links, including torrents. You maybe a nice interface for you to group and post.
*, a fast BitTorrent tracker and friendly community. Check it out if you haven't!