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Overnet maybe in trouble because of edonkey 1-?

Discussion about the eDonkey program and both the eDonkey2000 network and the Overnet Network.
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Overnet maybe in trouble because of edonkey 1-?

Postby Overnet User » Mon Nov 13, 2006 1:12 am

many of the edonkey servers are not being fair (maybe they are) because they are blocking results from many clients because of protocol ocfusion and they are not letting other clients use the network unless you have emule. What can be done other than switching. I love my Ovenet/Edonkey and I want to use it as much as possible. It was and I think still can be the best thing possible with the list and connections from ed2k. I still get ed2k results but just not as much using verified file servers/29 to be exact at the moment using my machine. I don't get that many .60 uploads anymore because of edonkey 1-~? Only 1.64 out of 2.85 uploaded to .60 clients in 24 hrs. when it is usually more. I don't want to leave the best because of the edonkey 1-?~ servers. Please help out. Overnet does an awesome job on its own but with ed2k (main servers) its off the chain, both uploading and dl.

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Postby JayC32 » Mon Nov 13, 2006 5:12 am

So far there seems to be a way and that is removal of server list and adding the servers again. Even eMule and the mods that have PO and have it activated get the message occassionally. There is a thread on it in eMues' own forum. Though it seems only to be affecting DS 1-2 for now.

Though it was said in the post about eD shutting down that eventually it will get banned from the network because it is too out of date and does not comply with the server protocols, even the much older versions of eMule are banned. Which have nothing to do with the eMule team.

You may just have to consider usnig eMule in the future.
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