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Apple tried to trademark the term "App Store" What narcisist

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Apple tried to trademark the term "App Store" What narcisist

Postby Slick50 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:54 pm

My revulsion for Apple grows steadily as their arrogant, bully boy (not to mention totally greedy) corporate attitude becomes one of the most defining characteristics of Apple (Unfortunately, their products are so stylish, appealing and fun that your average Apple fanboy doesn't give a rat's ass about the background shit going on in the name of Apple and Steve Jobs ("The Dictator") I read that's his style of leadership - autocracy.

Before they banned all charitable financial donations through Apple Apps last year their PR department was either :

a: So incompetent that they didn't foresee the loss of respect they have received from the public.
b: They consider Apple as such a powerful company that they couldn't give a flying f**k about changes in public perception of them.
c: They realise that the pilgrims (Anyone who has been sucked in to their slick marketing gimmicks) Would remain loyal to the company no matter what the f*ck they got up to)

APP IS AN ABBREVIATION OF "APPLICATION" I REMEMBER IN MSDOS 6.2 AN APPLICATION USUALLY HAD A (.EXE) OR (.COM) TO INFORM YOU THAT YOU COULD RUN THAT APPLICATION. To even think they had the right to such a wide ranging concept name as "The App Store" - Not "The Apple App Store" Clearly demonstrates that the people at the very top are beginning to think they have the right to do whatever they want. This maybe a disgusting thing to say, but if I were Steve Jobs in my hospital bed (like he is on many occasions - and not with minor health issues plaguing him) The word "Karma" Would have crossed my mind at some point. Where is his charitable side? does he have one? How much did he personally give to charities in the last 3 years, how much has Apple contributed to worthy social/charitable causes?

Bill Gates wants to spend his billions on the goal of eradicating Malaria using his (and his wife's) foundation. Steve Jobs has banned charitable donation apps altogether using the immensely popular and powerful Apple infrastructure. He spends his borrowed time (thanks to a liver transplant) suing New York City over a God damn logo. He looks pathetic from where I am sitting, but Bill gates makes him look ten times worse

I have had to vent this rant because my mother just called overjoyed because an Apple IPAD2 will be delivered to her tomorrow. She is delighted - I am disgusted (along with my Dad) We have always had a Windows/Linux PC because a Windows PC is King of the fucking hill compared to that over-hyped piece of crap from Apple. But I am also shocked, because my mum is demonstrating similar behaviour patterns to a little kid on Christmas Eve because she is getting an Apple product. It is embarrasssing. The following image sums up my rant perfectly :
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Re: Apple tried to trademark the term "App Store" What narci

Postby MrFredPFL » Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:06 pm

agreed completely, slick. your comments about jobs v. gates could easily have been my own.

my only suggestion would be to submit this story using this link:

and we'll put it on the front page :)
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Re: Apple tried to trademark the term "App Store" What narci

Postby sunnyd » Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:08 pm

Apple tried that with several companies...but they have not yet succeeded. AFAIK, the Microsoft one is still pending with several others, but they lost to Amazon in July.

Microsoft & Others Join Forces To Kill Apple’s ‘App Store’ Trademark (May) ... mark/94895

Amazon Wins Skirmish In 'App Store' Battle With Apple (July) ... /index.htm
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Re: Apple tried to trademark the term "App Store" What narci

Postby MrFredPFL » Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:42 pm

ok, my bad, didn't notice the january date. bit old for the front page, but still worth discussion. the whole thing with the city of new york is still hard to believe.
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