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Will This Be The Week For Microhoo? Done Deal Now

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Will This Be The Week For Microhoo? Done Deal Now

Postby sunnyd » Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:15 pm

When things are going to take awhile, executives like to tell us that it's a marathon and not a sprint. Well, the Microhoo affair has moved beyond marathon. It's at least up to the status of multi-day cricket match.

That is to say, it has become this painful thing that we all wish would end so that we can report the final score. Ad Age says that we may well be able to hit publish on our long-ago-written deal stories sometime this week. I'm also hearing that a deal could still come this week. But I learned a long time ago not to hold my breath.

According to the Ad Age report, Microsoft reached for a glass of water after Yahoo demanded a large upfront payment (hundreds of millions of dollars) in addition to the long-term guarantees in exchange for handing search duties over to Redmond. But Ad Age reports that things got back on track late last week.

Things heated back up a couple weeks ago now and have been close but no cigar since then, according to sources all too familiar with the situation. That said, a deal could come any time now.

The deal has now been reached:

Has it really been eighteen months since the tech world first started talking about the possibility of a Microsoft-Yahoo deal?

Well, you could look it up. Since February 1, 2008, when Microsoft made a $44.6 billion unsolicited bid for the Internet pioneer, Yahoo has gone through dozens of high-profile executives, added three new directors, suffered through two reorgs, and replaced its CEO . According to reports, their flirtation began even earlier in private quarters.

And throughout all the drama--involving everyone from Carl Icahn to the Department of Justice--the flirting toward some kind of deal continued, fueled by the pressure both companies felt in competing with the 800-pound tech gorilla of the 21st century: Google.

And then this morning, Microsoft and Yahoo at long last announced a search deal. In a nutshell, Microsoft's technology will power Yahoo's search results, while Yahoo will handle ad-selling duties for both companies' search sites. For more details, see the breaking-news story from my colleague Ina Fried, "Yahoo, Microsoft reach search ad deal."
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