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Postby lordfoul » Thu May 01, 2008 6:42 pm

There is power in predictive intelligence. Power to interpret information with accuracy, speed, and peace of mind. Power to avoid relationships with people or businesses likely to put your personal life, assets or organization at risk. Power to grow a business. But to be valuable, this intelligence must be delivered by a thoughtful ally with accuracy, integrity and your best interests at heart.

Intelius is that ally. We are pioneers in the information commerce industry, innovating technologies to collect, interpret and deliver information to consumers and businesses online. We strive to facilitate an intelligent and informed decision-making process for our customers in business and life. Ranked among the top 100 commerce sites on the Internet, Intelius offers products and services ranging from basic people search and list management to comprehensive HR background checks and one of the best identity theft protection products available. We do much more than deliver reliable and accurate information-we augment, interpret, and present it based on your unique needs, creating valuable and trusted solutions for our millions of customers across lifestyles and industries.

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Postby multivariable » Fri May 02, 2008 11:15 am

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