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Download manangers for filesites

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Download manangers for filesites

Postby zbeast » Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:41 am

If you like Files like Rapidshare, Sharematrix, Megaupload etc.
You know it's a hassles sitting and manual clicking on every link and waiting and waiting for
your file to download.

Well there are a number of way's to automate that process.

1) Rapiadsahre download manager
it works but it only works on Rapidshare. I would say don't bother they have deleted a lot of content
from there site making for lots of dead links.

2) Skipscreen. it's a browser plug-in that will automatically read the pages captcha and click the
download button over and over again until your download starts.
great if you want to use the no pay option for filesites.

3) MDownloader it's whats known as a download manager. I can't help but not recommend this program
Far as I can tell it does work but it works very poorly.

4) Jdownloader now here's what your looking for it's well written and almost automatic..
Ive paid for access to a number of share sites you put your Id's into this program select the links you want to
download and away you go.. this is the best of them all. it does rate control so your not flooding your
connection and it provides good progress information on your downloads.
it to will work it's way around captchas nice feature.

it will preform auto recover too.. if something happens while your in the middle of a download.
Like your neighbor down the hill from you decides to turn on this Electric char, smelt iron or make aluminum
or what ever the hell he's doing down there that drops my house line voltage to 24 volts and making it bonce to 200vac.
That tripped all the ups's in the house and caused my surge protector to trip. So even tho my emergency generator turned
on, it was disconnected from the house by the over voltage causing all my computers to shut down.
Losing a full days worth of rendering. I'm not bitter. it's time to get an ax...

Anyway.. Use Jdownloader
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