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Uninstallling the Uninstalbable

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Uninstallling the Uninstalbable

Postby zbeast » Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:59 pm

I don't know about you... but from time to time I install a program that I just can't seem to uninstall.
The worse offenders of the broken and uninstallable are apps from Adobe.
When Adobes installers fail... they don't really say why they failed.
They give you the frustrating message.. Oh you have a version that's better than the one I'm going to install.

You know what I don't care.. If I said install it, give me a fucking way to say delete the version that's on
there and put this one that I want to install on. It's my computer, do what I'm frigging saying.

The worse of the worse of Adobes applications was acrobat 8 pro..
Nothing and I do mean nothing I did could delete this program from my computer.

I read Adobes useless tech notes. kb400658 and Kb400654
I tried Adobes useless Clean up applications. Adobe cs3 Clean script and Adobe cs4 clean script.
You know what these scripts do..they uninstalled everything except the broken Acrobat Pro 8.
On and they left behind a broken linstall of CS3... thanks, thanks for f-ing nothing.

I spent hours days and weeks trying to uninstall Acrobat 8 pro, running in safe mode, clawing though the
register like an animal insane, I even started running traps on the installer to see what and where it was
failing during the install check.

I was just about to start decompiling the installer when a message from another Adobe users caught my eye.
he said he was able to get around this installer crapware by using "Windows Install Clean Up".

No I thought, it can't be this easy... So I downloaded the app, expecting it to fail or worse yet blow up
my computer.

I ran quickly listed all of the installed applications on that computers.
I selected Acrobat 8 for deletion the tool ran, but then it crashed with an error.
My heart sank, I went and looked at "/control panel/ add or remove programs" and Acrobat 8 was gone.
I ran the program again, this time selecting CS3, it ran and it crashed again.
I checked again CS3 was gone...
This is too good to be true I thought, I poped in my CS4 disks as was now able to install CS4 and Acrobat 9 with out it
bitching about having an old version installed.

Ok.. I know I could have just erased the drive and reinstalled everything.. but thats not how I roll...
If something is wrong, I want to fix it the right way.. not just run way from the flaw.

So if your ever in this fix... Windows install clean up" is your go to program. (Say adobe how about adding this to your Tech Note")
It beats the hell out of going around and around trying to find. Every little registry entry and dll...
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Re: Uninstallling the Uninstalbable

Postby TorrentMama » Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:42 am

+1. I've had to use that several times to clean up antivirus crapware from the shittiest company every Authentium. surprisingly it works when all else failed.
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