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Stellarium Turns Your Computer Screen into a Planetarium

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Stellarium Turns Your Computer Screen into a Planetarium

Postby Overnet User » Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:05 pm

Story : ... lanetarium

Windows/Mac/Linux: Whether you're a die-hard astronomy buff or someone who'd just like an idea of what constellations are where, Stellarium is a fantastic tool for viewing the night sky from the comfort of your home.

Three years ago we shared Stellarium with you. Since then, the capabilities of the program have grown.

At its most basic, Stellarium will display the night sky as seen from anywhere on earth. Delving into the more advanced features you can do all sorts of really interesting things like see the constellations for a dozen different cultures—the Pegasus from Greek mythology is the Turtle in the Navajo tradition.

You can watch the rotation of the stars in real time, control atmospheric conditions, zoom as though using a powerful telescope, and superimpose a wealth of information onto the night sky like the names of stars, orbits of planets, and illustrations of the constellations.

I have met many people that like to star gaze .
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