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Vista 64 to windows 7 advice

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Vista 64 to windows 7 advice

Postby Captain America » Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:08 am

Right now I am currently running Vista 64 Home Premium and am thinking about upgrading to windows 7 (using the new oem dvd). From what I read, it sounds like I can not just do a system upgrade from Home Premium to Windows 7 (I have to do a whole format/clean install). However, I wish to avoid formatting at all costs. So does anyone know for sure if I can just do asystem upgrade while keeping everything intact or is a format needed?

If a format is needed, then I will try to go theo m dualboot route. I currently have 2 internal 500gig hds and would like to install windows 7 on my 2nd internal (again without formatting)

What do you think would be best for me to do. If anyone is wondering here are my sys specs.

Intel i7 @ 2.7ghz
6gigs sd3 ram
2 internal 500gig
3 external ranging from 150-500gig (roughly 1.5tb total)
Geforce GTX 260 core 216*
dolby 7.1 surround xfi xtreme gamer (5.1 speakers though)
acer 24inch
My Machine:Intel I7 @ 2.7ghz| MSI X58 Platinum SLI Socket 1366 ATX Motherboard MS-7522| 2x Hitachi 500gig internal| Geforce gtx 260 core 216|SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 2x| dvd lightscribe|Vista 64bit
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Re: Vista 64 to windows 7 advice

Postby sunnyd » Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:36 am

Everything so far indicates there will be both versions, 32 bit, and 64 bit, and so far I have not heard of anyone having to do a format.

I found this in one article, but there are several out there:

If you are moving from Windows Vista to the same or higher version of Windows 7 and not changing from 32-bit to 64-bit, you can do what is known as an upgrade-in-place, which transfers your existing set-up to Windows 7, preserving all your settings and favorites.

and this one:

The most confusing aspect of Windows 7 is the number of versions out there. Microsoft is releasing a Starter version, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate — as well as versions for PC makers (OEM) and large enterprises. There are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
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Re: Vista 64 to windows 7 advice

Postby Paladwyn » Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:27 pm

To be honest...the upgrades to the next version are generally not recommended, due to just taking your problems from one machine to the next - and not to mention the new problems that could arise from it.

Just something to keep in mind, but I am sure like sunnyd said, it can be done if you aren't crossing the 32bit/64bit barrier.

I just pushed Win7 on, trying it out on my machine. I merely copied my user folder across the network to my server, was only 50GB of stuff, and most of that is garbage I will end up deleting. Then I reinstalled and will copy it all back, deleting stuff I don't need. However, I made my gaming machine to be just that - gaming, so I keep it pretty slim, with just games installed. All my downloading and important info is on the server.
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