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i2p 0.6.3 Release

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i2p 0.6.3 Release

Postby Mathiasdm » Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:44 pm

Story :

The 0.6.3 release introduces multiple bugfixes, optimizations
and security improvements. Routers will start monitoring the number
of well-behaved NetDB peers, volunteering as one if a shortage develops
and they can. Well-behaved NetDB nodes are preferred stronger,
and ill-behaved nodes blacklisted more effectively.

LeaseSets are handled more efficiently, new fixes should enable
the correct operation of UDP introducers. I2P also gains
preliminary support for permanent IP blocklists, and a new
peer connection limiter. Improvements to the Router Console
should make configuring client applications easier and I2PSnark
will now resist corrupt data better.

This release is backward compatible: if you already have or greater installed, it will recognize the signature
on the signed update file, and you can update automatically.

i2p is an anonymous encrypted network, on top of which applications can build. Currently, it's possible to use e-mail, visit websites, download using torrents ( http://tracker.postman.i2p is a tracker that is only accessible through the i2p network), talk using irc or other instant messaging, and so on. There are even newsgroups on the network.

Up until about a year ago, spreading news to reasonably-sized websites was avoided (because the i2p network wasn't ready for a lot of users yet), but due to improvements in scalability, the devs are looking to attract new users.
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