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Lets get NAS-D

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:35 pm
by zbeast
Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d NAS Server

I'm always looking for ways to save, move and protect data...
So i'm always open for something new.
Well here's the new thing. I was looking for a way to provide large amounts of storage for my
animation group, without going to a Enterprise level naz... You know a netapp. I don't have that
amount of money to invest in that. I was going to use a drobo... but they are too slow and require a lot
of work the setup paths and permissions to make those devices backup to my tape library.
They also have a software flaw... if you start writing lots of little files the drobo will go off line.
You have to power cycle it to get it back on line. (I have a call in to support about this they may be able to fix it.
but intil then no more drobos).
I use to be really hot on the ReadyNas well that was untill I called Netgear with an emergency needing a
replacement power supply,, there service department blew me. The lead time to order a power supply from
them was 6 months. Being that those suppys were blowing up all over the country.
The other trouble with the ReadyNas is that it's slow. it's faster than most desktop Nas system but not by much.
I needed something that was faster and now I think I have found it.

With the Iomega StorCenter Nas... go to the website it does everything.
But rather than wabble on about the drive check the spec's on the StorCenter ix4-200d.
I'm still testing but soon as it looks as if it's going to work out... So far all the signs point to

It does everything I need and it very quite.

Why a nas over just a bunch of single disks... well I don't like losing data and sooner or later
you'll have a disk failure an you'll hate life.

I'm soon going to have a lot of single disks to get rid of... drives under 500gigs is just too small these days.

Re: Lets get NAS-D

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:55 pm
by MrFredPFL

/me sends the bad pun police over to zbeast's

(i know them well - they visit me frequently)