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New Ipod User - Question about Lossless and 160 Gig Drive

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:33 pm
by Digital_Freedom
I am fairly new to using an Ipod. In fact the only reason I currently own a 20 gig 2nd generation Ipod is that an online friend on another site and I got into a debate about MP3 CDs vers Ipods. At that time I was arguing that I was perfectly fine with using my CD ROMS for MP3-data discs for playing in my car. So he wanted me to "see the light" his way, and about 3 years back he sent me he used Ipod for FREE! Wow, I thought that was nice of him.

Truth is I never really used that Ipod until a few months ago (2009). I am likely the last computer geek to ever wait so long to take an interest in Ipods. Due to file compression such as Flac, and the ability to compress music files is lossless format and latter burn a CD in what is as perfect as music can be duplicated, I am most impressed by my Ipods ability to rip CDs in lossless format. My goal is to keep my CDs as new and only rip them once and then store the original CDs in large boxes as well as maybe some compressed Flac backups. Right now I have a box of CDs in my car, many of them are direct copies of other CDs I have, some were compressed to Flac first and latter inflated back to an Audio CD for use in playing in my car. I can hear a difference in quality of MP3 and Lossless- Even when I compare 320kbps 48Mgz to the same song inflated from Flac, the discs made from Flac sound better in my car stereo than the best MP3 files I compare too.

I was around when Napster was kicked off and remember when WinAmp was the only mp3 player even capable to play a mp3 on my computer with Win98 AND allow me to surf sites at the same time without skipping! So I understand a lot about how mp3s work, and for about 11 years I have understood MP3 lingo, Lame, encoding, compressing etc...

Well, now to bring things up to speed: Its now almost Christmas 2009. One of Santa's elfs advised me I am getting a new 2009 black 160 gig Ipod for Christmas. I realize many Ipod freaks dearly wish for at least a 250 gig Ipod, but for now it appears the 160 gig model is back as teh largest classic model, and I dearly hope they worked out the bugs by now! So this leads to my questions for any Ipod freak on this site:


#1) Is anyone here aware of bugs/problems with the NEW 160 gig Ipod? I read that the older 160 gig drive had some serious issues with it, and I am hoping Apple has them worked out now for the latest 160 gig model.

#2) I keep reading about how many zillions of mp3s these large Ipods can hold, but I do not want a new 160 gig Ipod for playing only Mp3s. In fact, my plan is to use the Ipod along with Itunes to allow me to Rip my entire Cd Music collection in Lossless format on the Ipod. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME A GOOD ESTIMATE OF HOW MANY SONGS/CDs THE 160GIG IPOD CAN STORE IN APPLE LOSSLESS FORMAT?

#3) Is there any word of Apple allowing the new Ipods to play Flac format, and is there anyway they can change any firmware on an Ipod so maybe one bought today could be updated at a later date to allow it to play formats such as FLAC (after all, Flac is getting pretty popular nowadays with music buffs)?

#4) Read more below about the extended warranty that should come with the Ipod. After using a coupon $26 was taking off the price, so the net cost of the 2 year extended warranty was $24 (Normally $50). After reading some of the warranty information, it appears good. It supports replacing the battery free of charge, and about anything else I can think of, and I do not recall any small print that appeared to of been a red flag. Question: Was a two year extended warranty of a Ipod like this a waste of Santa's money? It was reasoned that the previous 160 gig model had some serious problems (in some cases, even on youtube they can be found).

More about an extended warranty:

Plans call for Santa to get the new Ipod with a 2 year extended warranty at a major electronics's store- For $50 bux (minus $26 with a coupon=$24) It should have a warranty that covers a lot, even a new battery replacement, and a lemon clause in case it breaks down too often they replace it with a new one, and much more. Normally I do not want such extended warranties, but in seeing Apple had such serious issues with their previous 160gig Ipods, I thought it might be a wise ideal.



Re: New Ipod User - Question about Lossless and 160 Gig Drive

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:07 pm
by Fartingbob
1. I have not heard any reports of serious problems with the latest 160GB iPoops on any of the tech sites i frequent, should not have any problem.
2. Well IIRC apple's lossless format puts an average 4-5 minute song into about 20-30Mb (all lossless formats pretty much give the same size since theres only so much you can do without ditching any useful data), i would just go by how large your FLAC files are, then work out how much of your collection will fit.
3. Apple are really unlikely to support FLAC, or any of the open codecs that compete with their own (ogg etc). Apple likes to keep things in house, hell if they had their way you wouldnt be able to play mp3's, only apple's own codecs.
4. Pretty much all extended warrenties are a waste as long as you take reasonable care of the thing. however, for $26 its not bad, and the classic does have a naturally higher failure rate since it has a mechanical HDD and is more bulky so easier to damage.

Just my opinions, im not a ipod fan and have never owned one, but my advice is pretty much the same for any mp3 player.

Re: New Ipod User - Question about Lossless and 160 Gig Drive

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:41 pm
by Digital_Freedom
Thanks for the breakdown. My issue now is do we know that the format of Apple Lossless is really that close to the compression of FLAC? I ask this based on something that I had read that advised that Apple Lossless compression resulted in a much smaller music-file than typical FLC does.

' anyone with more info maybe?


Re: New Ipod User - Question about Lossless and 160 Gig Drive

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:53 am
by Fartingbob
Ive looked around the internet, and most people say that FLAC and m4a give about the same file size, both around 50% of the original uncompressed version. Check out if you want to play flac files on your ipod.