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Comcast wow and suck.

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Comcast wow and suck.

Postby zbeast » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:05 pm

I recently moved and because I moved into an area with wolfs and deer's and trees and stuff.
regular dsl was not quickly available to me.

So I decided to get comcast cable as a stop gap measure.
Just after it was installed it worked find for about and hour after that the modem died.
3 days later they got a tech out to replace that modem, it worked fine for 3 hours then it died.
3 days later they got out another tech to replace that modem with a cable and voip modem.
This one worked fine for about 3 weeks after that speed have been getting slower and slower.

After having nice talk with the service department about there service was working and how I
was generally disappointed with the quality. (sounds of anger and frustration)
I was told that it would be a week before they could get anyone out to take a look at my network trouble.
I explained to him using small words so he would understand. (small four letter words).
That I'm running a business on this connection and it would impact me negatively if I had to wait that long.
He said I could get a faster service if I reported voip trouble rather than Internet trouble to there service department.
So now I have to lie to get faster service???

So comcast has a trouble priority system

1) voip first
2) TV second.
3) Internet trouble last.

note I only have voip service with them because I wanted to try it.
Things to know about voip.. you cant use it to send a fax.
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