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Issues with sound card

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Issues with sound card

Postby Psycho Ced » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:43 am

I had built my own 7.1 speaker setup by adding a set of stereo speakers to a 5.1 speaker system. This means I have 4 jacks I need to plug in. This was fine on my onbaord sound card which has the 4 inputs (front, side, rear, base + center). All was fine till a got a great deal on a quad-cpu and a motherboard. Well, I sidelined the MB (it was a micro - and I have future plans for it) and got an asus p5k-series. However, this board, unlike my old asus M2n32 which I gave to my folks, does not seem to have the option to emulate surround sound when playing music. So I decided to upgrade my sound card.

The problem is this card takes the 3 inputs but does support 7.1. It combines the rear + side speaker jacks. A friend explain these are for a different kind of 7.1 speakers, where something in the base splits the rear and side signal???. Anyone know of a workaround?

Also this card does not have front audio/mic connectors, but I've read it is easy to add (solder). :roll:

The thing is this is supposed to be one of Creative's best cards, in terms of power, but it lacks in terms of features.

HERE is the link, if anyone can tell me if there is an adopter, or reasonable way to get the front audio jacks working and/or 7.1 with my current speaker setup, I would appreciate it.

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Card is
X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series
Without the optional front panels/remote/etc
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