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Setting up a file server

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Setting up a file server

Postby phookoo » Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:02 pm

Hey all

I've been just about everywhere on the web seeking answers to this problem, so I'm hoping Slyck's guru's will finally be able to help out 8)

I have a brand new PC attached to a Linksys WAG354G gateway running Vista Home Premium. I also have an Archos 604 wifi which has a setting that provides for a file server.

I have dreams of wirelessly searching my PC from the archos while I'm in bed or around the house, and playing back media, but, despite what others are telling me they can do, I'm no nearer to being able to set it up.

The Archos connects to my home internet connection wirelessly - I had to input my WPA passkey to enable it to do so, but now I can happily browse the internet. However, when it connects, even if I turn the file server on on the Archos, the device just will not appear in my Network.

I have no idea how to add devices to my network, but everything I try that Windows help suggests or other forums suggest just won't work for me.

My internet connection is provided by Zen in the UK, if that helps anyone to provide a solution. I'm going absolutely spare trying to set this up and anyone able to solve this would gain a huge friend! :toast:

Seriously, anything anyone can suggest would be great.
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Re: Setting up a file server

Postby phookoo » Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:26 pm

Sorry to double-post, but I have a feeling that I don't have a static IP if that makes any difference - would my ISP's settings be making any difference?
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Re: Setting up a file server

Postby Paladwyn » Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:32 pm

Setting up on the network really doens't matter if it uses a static IP or not, it searches by computer name. To make things easier, I like to set up static IP's, but still that's preference.

I have a file server that people can connect to in the's merely a machine running XP that people can copy stuff to and from.

Things to check are your file and printer settings, to make sure they are ok. Check firewall, you may have to disable it on the server...or set it up better (try turning it off and see what happens). Another thing to check is your sharing settings. Make sure the folders/drives/files you want to be shared are actually being shared, if no drives are being shared...I don't even think the computer will show up.

If you need to do any of those 3, then it won't gotta make sure it's all ready for ya, then you can happilly map network drives and move files to and from computers.
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Re: Setting up a file server

Postby Ratt » Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:42 pm

I'm not certain, but maybe your Archos can't see the PC because the Archos system is not capable of connecting to a Windows network.

There are alternatives, however. An FTP server is very easy to set up: programs like Cerberus or Serv-U do everything for you. And if you can surf the net from your Archos, you can definitely connect to an FTP server on your own network (maybe the Archos even has a special utility for doing that, but the built-in web browser would work just fine).

I do the same thing on my home network: my XP is running an FTP server, which lets me connect wirelessly with my Nokia 770 (or any other device) from the browser (with a typical address like, username and password) or with an FTP client. Then I download whatever file I need from the PC, wherever I am in the house.

Your ISP's settings are irrelevant: this is the inside-network you're talking about, not the WAN side. Besides, I wouldn't use the FTP server over the internet if I were you (which is another way of saying: don't open up any ports for externalized FTP use in your modem/router).
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Re: Setting up a file server

Postby dingbat1 » Sat Jan 19, 2008 1:06 pm

I can tell you whats most likely the problem.

First of all, the Archos PMP devices are standard set to the workgroup "workgroup" (a workgroup is similar to that of a domain in a file server. What's most likely to be your problem is that your workgroup on your computer either a) does not exist, or b) it's not correct. Once they are matching, the file server will work just fine.

If thats not the case, your secondary problem may just be a compatibility issue with Vista and the device, because we all know how bad that can be.
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