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Ultraportable MacBook "coming January"

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Ultraportable MacBook "coming January"

Postby Nutty-Slack » Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:32 pm ... nuary.html

Apple is readying an ultraportable laptop to be unveiled in January, according to a US news broadcaster.

The report, which comes courtesy of CNBC reporter Jim Goldman, suggests that the new sub-notebook will have a 12in screen and be 50% thinner and lighter than current versions of the MacBook Pro, though whether that refers to the 15in or 17in model is unclear.

Echoing previous rumours, he says that storage will rely on NAND flash memory rather than a traditional hard disk drive.

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Re: Ultraportable MacBook "coming January"

Postby Ratt » Tue Dec 25, 2007 7:53 am

Knowing Apple, they'll make it at least as expensive as a low-end MacBook Pro. Fine for pulling in a small niche of Macbook enthusiasts who have some extra cash to burn and want extra portability, but no way will this be able to compete with the Asus EEEs and Everex Cloudbooks in the big market.
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