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ILV Dual-rotor flying carpet

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ILV Dual-rotor flying carpet

Postby Nutty-Slack » Fri Dec 07, 2007 4:18 pm ... icle/8463/

While most of us think of the personal flight revolution as something that will transform a-to-b transport and commuting in our everyday life, others are looking at ways to use existing technology for specific purposes that can go to market immediately. PAM group's Individual Lifting Vehicle (ILV) is an intuitive flying platform that's roughly as easy to pilot as a Segway, shifting your weight as you stand right above the twin propellers. It's not a distance traveller, more of a compact levitation device designed for crop spraying, aerial movie videography, search and rescue and other short-range, low-altitude applications. With a theoretical maximum speed of around 60mph, the ILV could be a very effective tool within its design parameters.

PAM Group's ILV is lifted by a counter-rotating rotor system powered by twin Hirth F-30 4-cylinder, 105 horsepower engines. As a safety fall-back measure, either engine is fully capable of powering both rotors in the event one engine fails.

The rotors are over 9 feet in length, and spin on an axis directly underneath the platform the pilot stands on. This arrangement allows pilots to steer the ILV simply by leaning and shifting their bodyweight, while the natural physical act of balancing the body acts to stabilize the platform in the air.

... and it's capable of decapitating 100 people per minute. :shock:


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