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Lightscribe help?

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Lightscribe help?

Postby SwordOfZork » Sat Mar 10, 2007 1:19 pm

Hey slycksters, I'm back with another question, since I seem to get such great help when asking here.

I was recently given a lightscribe capable drive as a gift. I never really even considered getting a lightscribe before, and don't know much about them.

I've tried to get it to work with Nero 7, since I already had that installed. I followed all the directions, tutorials, and FAQs on Nero and lightscribe's website, but I just can't get any Nero application to even show options for lightscribe features. They just simply aren't there.

I know the drive works alright, because I tested it out with lightscribe "simple labeler" program, which just lets you type on the disk, and Roxio's label creator. Roxio is horrible bloatware, and tried to take over everything CD/DVD related on my computer when simply trying to install ONLY the label maker. I think I'm going to load a quick back-up just to get rid of every trace of it.

So, my questions are these:

1. Does anyone know how to make Nero recognize and use my light scribe drive?

2. Does anyone know of some good free-ware, non bloat-ware labeling software that can help me burn lightscribe labels.

I'd REALLY prefer #1, as I already have it installed, but I'd settle for #2.

Thanks in advance! :D
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Postby Nutty-Slack » Sat Mar 10, 2007 2:50 pm

Sounds like you need the Lightscribe driver/host: ... dates.html

Download link is at the foot of that page.

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Postby SwordOfZork » Sat Mar 10, 2007 3:00 pm

Nutty-Slack wrote:Sounds like you need the Lightscribe driver/host: ... dates.html

Download link is at the foot of that page.

Already did. Roxio, and lightscribe's "simple labeler" wouldn't have worked at all without it.

SwordOfZork wrote:I followed all the directions, tutorials, and FAQs on Nero and lightscribe's website
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Postby Wham » Thu Apr 12, 2007 11:18 pm

Me thinkith the problem you are expierencing is with Nero and not your lightscribe. I downloaded the latest and greatest Nero 7 updates and installed them but I still have problems with it. I don't think some of the devices are supported very good with it yet. For example, I tried their TV option with a TV tuner card. In my case it recognized the turner card but after configuration the audio lags the picture when playing. I would take a look at windows system devices to make sure windows has the lightscribe device included and is recognizing it before I would jump to conclusions though.
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Re: Lightscribe help?

Postby richelex » Sun May 31, 2009 12:08 am

How do i burn a AVI file to dvd using nero 7? I want to burn an AVI file to dvd that is watchable on my dvd player. Any help on how to do this would be appreciated!
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Re: Lightscribe help?

Postby Digital_Freedom » Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:19 pm

You can not burn an AVI file to DVD with the versions of Nero I have seen. Most people buy a program Called ConvertXtoDVD to make a DVD from an Xvid OR DivX file. (Xvid is generic for Divx).

On the main Lightscribe Sight they just posted a few new printing programs. One of the programs is SUPPOSED to do what most of LightScribe users want- It burns Images from common picture formats from a computer, thus making it possible to burn a label that could be taken from a picture of a cd or dvd.

I have not tried the brand new free programs on the main Lightscribe site, until now the ONLY program I could find that could actually burn a picture into the top of a lightscribe cd/dvd was a newer addition of NERO. Using Nero's cover/label maker there is a way to print the covers to a cd/dvd case. AND to flip over the disc and then burn the picture image on to the disc. - It takes a little clicking around with Nero to get the feel to how to do this, but so far Nero has been the ONLY program until now that I have found to truly burn picture images on to a Lightscribe disc.

I also highly recommend using the more expensive COLOR Lightscribe discs by HP. The lightscribe image is still monochrome, however in most cases it sure looks a lot more professional to burn a photo image on top of a color Lightscribe discs. Most retail electronic stores do not stock the HP COLOR LIGHTSCRIBE discs near me, so I have to order them from online sources. In the end, if one is backing up a favorite dvd or music disc then it is possible to use the lightscribe abilities of Nero and the color HP discs to burn some cool looking mopnochrome images on color dics. They appear very Pro-like when things go right for ya.

I hope this info is of some help to new users of Lightscribe as it seems it's been a few years since the OP posted this. The new lightscribe printing programs are free at the main lightscribe site, and I was just sent an email about this a few days ago, so hopefully these new programs will REALLY work this time.
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