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Dish Is Suing the Hosting Company of a Pirate IPTV Service

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Dish Is Suing the Hosting Company of a Pirate IPTV Service

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:08 pm

Story :

Last week, DISH filed suit against Serverlogy Corporation, a hosting company. Serverlogy reportedly hosted East IPTV, a company that DISH says illegally retransmitted its channels via the Internet.

According to the complaint, Serverlogy failed to act following numerous copyright infringement complaints regarding its customer East IPTV.

According to DISH, East IPTV streamed channels that DISH has rights to distribute inside the United States. DISH has sent 34 infringement notices to East IPTV since January 2017. According to the complaint, two different content distribution networks have removed DISH’s content from their networks after complaints about East IPTV. Serverlogy failed to remove the content after DISH complained.

DISH is demanding $150,000 per registered work infringed, plus the legal fees for DISH.

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