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Google News may shut over EU plans to charge tax for links

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Google News may shut over EU plans to charge tax for links

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:48 am

Story :

Google’s top news executive has refused to rule out shutting down Google News in EU countries, as the search engine faces a battle with Brussels over plans to charge a “link tax” for using news stories.

Richard Gingras, the search engine’s vice-president of news, said while “it’s not desirable to shut down services” the company was deeply concerned about the current proposals, which are designed to compensate struggling news publishers if snippets of their articles appear in search results.

Traditional news publishers have a difficult relationship with Google, which they blame for sucking up much of the advertising revenue which used to prop up print newspapers. However, many are also heavily dependent on Google News to send millions of readers to their websites, which can help boost digital revenues.

Google has been lobbying hard against the relevant piece of European legislation which would introduce the “link tax”, known as Article 11, and its sister legislation Article 13, which is designed to ensure content creators are paid for material uploaded to sites such as the Google-owned YouTube.

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