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MPAA: Making All Domain WHOIS Data Public Will Advance Privacy

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MPAA: Making All Domain WHOIS Data Public Will Advance Privacy

Postby MrFredPFL » Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:24 am

Story :

The MPAA says that when it comes to WHOIS data, sharing more personal data in public – as it was in the past – benefits the public at large. Sharing personal data of all website owners allows visitors to check who they are dealing with.

“Users are not ‘reasonably informed’ or ’empowered to meaningfully express privacy preferences’ if they cannot determine the entity behind a website,” the MPAA explains.

“Continued access to WHOIS data will help consumers identify domain name registrants and web site operators when necessary, advancing the NTIA’s user-centric outcome of transparency.”

In other words, the MPAA believes that it is important for WHOIS data to be ‘transparent’ so the public can decide whether they can trust a website with their personal details. That’s a bit of a shift when compared to how other commenters approached this question.

smdh. the users they claim to be so concerned for (who overwhelmingly have no idea what whois data is) already have the right to look up the available info for any website - and if there's no way to identify the owner, they have the right to not give that website any information about themselves.

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