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Film Group Asks Court to Stop Arrests of Theater Owners Over Piracy

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Film Group Asks Court to Stop Arrests of Theater Owners Over Piracy

Postby MrFredPFL » Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:20 pm

Story :

While Hollywood has its own problems with movie piracy, the position in India is arguably more pressing.

Many of the country’s top movie titles are immediately pirated and placed online, much to the disappointment of film companies nationwide. Aggressive site-blocking appears to have little effect so, in association with the authorities, the problem is being tackled at the source.

Many leaks happen when individuals or groups illegally record movies in cinemas, which is often simply a case of finding a screen and pointing a camcorder or phone towards it. In tandem, there are concerns that in some cases, theater owners themselves may be part of the piracy conspiracy. That, however, is leading to what appears to be overzealous policing.

When movies are shown, it’s common for watermarks to be embedded in the performance, which allows content security companies to trace where recordings take place. Armed with this information, copyright holders are then filing complaints against theater owners, who are reportedly being arrested by police, in the absence of evidence they’re even involved.

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