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Ripple’s rollercoaster turns downwards as Coinbase confirms it won’t support it

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Ripple’s rollercoaster turns downwards as Coinbase confirms it won’t support it

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:59 pm

Story :

All digital coins are climbing on Monday, although it’s Ripple (XRP) that’s really the star of the whole crypto trading show. The third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap is riding high on positive news from Korea, but mostly because rumors say that Coinbase will soon support Ripple. XRP was up almost 15% at the time of this writing.

Of all the other top cryptocoins, Stellar is seeing a similar surge (nearly 9% rise), while the others were trading between 0.86% and 6.18% higher than they were on Sunday. Neo is the only top 10 coin was falling at the time of this writing, registering a drop of 3.68%

Update 1730 EST: After its earlier gains, Ripple is now down more than four percent on the day, after Coinbase shut down a rumor it was planning on supporting Ripple’s XRP currency. “We have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase,” the company said in a statement Monday afternoon.

Ripple’s sudden surge helped the coin increase its market cap to $41.05 billion, as it’s trading around $1.05 per coin. However, we’re nowhere near the record highs Ripple saw earlier this year — it was trading at more than $3 per coin in January.

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