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Facebook Can’t Be Sued For “Jerkingman” Revenge Porn Account

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Facebook Can’t Be Sued For “Jerkingman” Revenge Porn Account

Postby sunnyd » Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:36 am

Story :

When Franco Caraccioli was a third-year law student in San Diego, someone apparently played a malicious prank on him. He got a Facebook friend request from an account called "Franco Caracciolijerkingman." Caraccioli describes what happens next in the lawsuit he filed against Facebook the following year:

"The JERKINGMAN ACCOUNT included videos and pictures of Mr. Caraccioli sexually arousing or pleasuring himself," Caraccioli wrote (PDF) in 2015. "Mr. Caraccioli believes that the JERKINGMAN ACCOUNT was sent to every friend that Mr. Caraccioli has in his community because of the amount of messages or calls he received that day, requests which several friends did in fact accept."

Caraccioli demanded Facebook delete the account. He says Facebook initially refused to delete it, telling him that "Franco Caracciolijerkingman is a person who's using Facebook in a way that follows the Facebook Community Standards."

However, Caraccioli wrote Facebook another e-mail saying that the account violated Facebook community standards and, in his view, the law. Facebook took down the account the next day.

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