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Disney, VidAngel Weigh Family-Friendly Filtering Against Copyright Protection In The 9th Circuit

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Disney, VidAngel Weigh Family-Friendly Filtering Against Copyright Protection In The 9th Circuit

Postby sunnyd » Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:46 am

Story :

"I think this one’s a lot easier," whispered 9th Circuit judge Carlos T. Bea to his colleague Andrew D. Hurwitz, comparing the unlicensed family-friendly streaming dispute between Disney and VidAngel to previous items on their calendar while the attorneys were setting up for their oral arguments on Thursday. 

It's unclear whether those in the room could hear, but the statement was plainly audible in a live stream on the court's website. "I do, too," responded Hurwitz with a laugh.

The dispute itself is no laughing matter, however, and has potentially wide-ranging implications for the entertainment industry in regard to fair use. It centers on whether VidAngel's service that allows users to set filters and stream content infringes upon copyrights held by Hollywood studios in those films. Disney, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. argue the service threatens the legitimate streaming market, while VidAngel paints the lawsuit as part of a war on family-friendly content.

The panel, comprised of Bea, Hurwitz and district judge Leslie E. Kobayashi, is currently reviewing whether the district court erred in issuing an injunction that paused VidAngel's service. "The statute clearly requires that a performance or transmission of filtered content must come from an 'authorized copy' of the motion picture," wrote U.S. District judge Andre Birotte in that decision. "The digital content that VidAngel streams to its customers is not from an authorized copy."

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