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Kazaa-trial? What is going on?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 9:27 am
by Buchreitz
Does anyone know why there hasnt been any word or news from the Kazaa-trial? The latest I heard, that was directly relevant to the OZ-trial, was that the outcome of Sharman's appeal-case was to be dertermined in February 06. This is already 4 months ago, and still no word? And what about the proposed "billions and billions of damages" that were to be set during the spring?

What is the most likely reason to this silence? Perhaps Sharman is trying to make a settlement with ARIA, or perhaps they are still doing tech-talks on how to make the appropriate keyword-filters. Maybe the Court of Appeals are waiting for the contempt-case to be finished?

Is this silence before the storm?

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Does this topic belong in the "General File-sharing discussion"?...