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Adjusting Kazaa skins

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:22 pm
by Colin125
I was wondering how to adjust kazaa skins below version 3.0 to work with version 3.0?

Thanks :wink:

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:24 pm
by irish
You're still using Kazaa :shock:

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:26 pm
by Colin125
What do you mean?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:29 pm
by Mrs. 2p
I¡m afraid I don't know, since I haven't used kazaa in about 2 years (and never did so seriously). but, as irish insinuates, it's time you looked elsewhere! kazaa is full of fakes, viruses, trojans, low quality files and **AA bots (in case you live in the US and are worried about that too).

Also, the program comes bundled up with spyware and adware, and is dangerous for your computer. Check our Spyware/Adware Removal Guide to fix this.

There are lots of better alternatives. If you're used to kazaa, an easy place to start is Ares Lite. You can check the Ares Guideto start with that too.

and welcome to slyck!! :D

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:34 pm
by irish
Kazaa should be removed from your pc. As Mrs. 2p points out I would follow the links she's posted and start to enjoy a more pleasurable p2p experience.
Good to see you here by the way and just to let you know I hail from the province too :wink:

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:36 pm
by Colin125
Thanks. Your right Kazaa puts like 7 viruses on my PC just for installing it but it sometimes has good downloads for image, music and video that are almost impossible to find on the net. The reason I asked this question is because there was this kazaa skin called gothic which I thought was cool and that's why I was wondering about adjusting it for Version 3.